Setting up your booth

We are consistently inspired by the many different ways vendors set up their booth 👌 It’s amazing what can be done with a little Pinterest-ing and a Home Hardware visit 😎

Handmade cork and magnetic display boards, crate shelves, wooden display slabs, eye catching poster boards, etc etc!

We’ve even seen plants, carpets, and sweet seating areas to make that market shopping experience even more enjoyable, which is hella cool✔️

Here are some of our tips for setting up your booth!

Plan your booth.

Minimize the stress of setting up your booth by planning your lay out beforehand. Rather than scrambling to get everything completed before customers start arriving, you’ll be calm, cool and collected ready to sell your products.

Have an identifying sign.

Don’t make customers search for your business name. Have your name prominently displayed hanging from your tent or set up on your table. This will help you stand out from the other vendors as well!

Promote it on social media.

Make sure your followers and clients know you will be at the market! Promote your involvement in the market on your own social media to encourage customers to come visit you and purchase products.

Get creative with your booth.

Think of unique ways to display your products and have an engaging element for potential customers. Booths with seating areas, beautiful displays and thoughtful layouts get attention.

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