The Power of the Dabble

To dabble: “To undertake something superficially or without serious intent”

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

You have an idea.

But you don’t quite have direction yet. 

Let’s talk about the power of the dabble.

Our inspiration train can slow down if we don’t have a concrete idea of what the end results will look like but I truly believe that the spice of life is all about trying new things and seeing where it leads because it’s often not where you think. 

For example, you’ve always wanted to try resin art. Is resin art something you see yourself doing for the next 30 years? Perhaps not but it brings you joy and gets your creative juices flowing! Now you’re meeting other creatives and becoming inspired by them. You start asking questions and taking on new creative projects. You become more comfortable with your craft and are now moving into larger resin art projects for homes! Hey…you kind of like designing custom work for homes..finding what works best for their layout and color scheme..perhaps you decide that interior design is something you’d like to try. Now you’re looking into programs that are offered for interior design! Did you see yourself going into this field? Perhaps not but here you are! All because you decided to try a new skill. 

I like to call this the “lily pad effect”.

Start with one idea, jump to the next and then the next…until you’ve found what feels right. We might not see our future laying ahead of us but it’s the tiny steps matched with lots of courage that help us find our true selves. 

If we don’t start somewhere, how do we get anywhere? Take that leap. Try it out. Dabble until your heart’s content. 

Kylie A.

Co owner of Side Hustle Market