Our 7 Tips For Staying Motivated During the Off-Season

craft paper with hands with Stay motivated printed on it.

As a maker staying motivated during the off season can be a real challenge. Just counting down the days until you can get outside and set up that tent to sell your wares.

Here’s our list of ways to stay jazzed during the cold winter months.

Planning Planning Planning – Envision yourself – it’s May are you ready to go? The winter is a great time to map out your new market set up. Think about your tent space as a small boutique. You are the creator of your selling environment. Can you design some new signs? Put out a new table? What are some of the ways you can entice people to your tent to buy your beautiful items?

Create a Popcorn Product – Ever heard of them? What is something you can sell easily that can be whipped up in a day or weekend to get you through the slow season?

Time to Up Your Social Game – Focusing on learning how to promote your products is a great way to pass the time waiting for the sun. Taking an online course about social media or learning how to blog about your business is a fantastic way to invest in yourself and your business.

Learn a New Skill – Dabble in something new! Take a photography webinar or learn how to build or improve your website.

What’s New? – Is there something you’ve been dying to try to make as a product? Or a way of tweaking your existing ones? The off-season is the best time to zero in on making your gift stand out.

Get Artsy – As creators we can suffer from burn-out focusing on our own things for too long. Try a paint night, or an online dance class. Trying a new craft to keep your creative juices flowing, something that can be just for you, is a good way to stay in the zone. Who knows you might find a new niche!

Brainstorm Sessions – One of the things we love so much about Side Hustle is the community and how we boost each other up and cheer each other on! Staying connected with your market community is a great way to stay excited for the new market season. Stay in touch with your market pals even if it’s just a zoom coffee or a walk and a brainstorm session!

I hope some of these tips help you to stay creative friends! We’ll be seeing you soon and we can’t wait for the 2022 Side Hustle season.

What are some of that ways you stay motivated in the off-season? ~ Heather