5 Steps to Prepare for Market Season

Getting started can feel overwhelming but we’ve put together a checklist to help you prepare for market season 2022.

  1. Buy a tent or make any adjustments to the tent you have. Booth tents can be expensive but if you purchase them during the off season (winter months) they are usually a bit cheaper. Find one that covers you from the elements properly so that you may enjoy your markets instead of getting rained out or having to leave early due to sun exhaustion. Buying a tent with walls can make a huge difference to your comfort. Patch any holes your own tent might have and do a test set up before bringing it to your first market of the year, just in case! We suggest a 10×10 impact canopy such as the one below. 
  1. Not all event spaces allow you to use pegs and so weights are your best option. You can buy weights or make them yourself! There are many options for keeping your tent tied down and it will save you a whole whack of heartache down the road. Tents are not cheap and so keeping it secure will possibly save you money if mother nature decides to have fun on market day. We’ve seen folks use cat litter, dumbbells, and cement blocks, so get creative with it if you’d like! You can also purchase tent weights such as the ones we’ve posted below. 
  1. Tags, bags, and more! Think of what you’ll need when you make a sale, such as bags for the item(s), tags for pricing, business cards for later purchases, etc. If you’re needing more shopping bags, we suggest trying out Canada Brown for your bulk bag needs- we’ll connect the link below! If you only need a couple, Dollarama is a definite go-to. Vista Print is still our go-to for cards, stickers, posters, etc. With that being said, we also do our best to outsource any projects to small businesses in the area! This is a great way to make connections and to network within your community. 
  1. Put together your “market kit”. All the little things you might need and will most likely use, such as tape, scissors, string, zip-ties, pens, etc. These items will come in handy if you need to adjust or repair anything on market day. 
  1. Decide how you wish to be paid. Are you going to be taking cash? If so, you’ll need a secure float of cash to give change back. Are you taking debit or credit? You’ll need a square reader in order to make transactions. We’ll add the link to Square down below! 

We hope these steps are helpful and we wish you all the best this market season! 


Co Owner of Side Hustle Market

a woman opening a paper bag
Photo by Max Fischer on Pexels.com