DATE: February 18th, 1:30-3:30 PM

TIME: 1:30-3:30

LOCATION: Fokus Coworking, Belleville, ON

INSTRUCTOR: Social Kat Media

FEE: $50

Learn how to use Instagram’s core features strategically to create content that connects &  drives sales. 

Now’s your chance to get strategic advice from a social media expert and learn how to tap into the power of Instagram.

Social media doesn’t need to be this hard. With the right tools and strategies, it can be much easier, WAY less stressful and even fun! 

Instagram Bootcamp Is Perfect For You If…

  • You’re a business owner/maker who wants to succeed on social
  • You’re tired of feeling stressed out every time you try to plan or post on Instagram
  • You’ve put the time in and learned the basics but don’t know what next step to take
  • You want to keep up with Instagram’s changing features without feeling like you’re falling behind

Posting about your services or products is one thing — but creating content that connects with people and consistently drives sales? That’s a whole other ballgame!

The good news? If you’re ready to learn the skills and strategies to show up on Instagram like a boss, then Instagram Bootcamp was MADE for you.

Instagram Bootcamp is a 2-hour live in-person workshop hosted in Belleville, ON. Join Social Media Specialist, Kat and a group of business owners & makers like you to learn about making an impact on Instagram. 

Part presentation & part hands-on training, Instagram Bootcamp will walk you through the core features of Instagram and how to use them. You’ll learn: 

  • Strategies for creating content and developing strong content ideas
  • An overview of how to use video, reels, photos, and graphics to create engaging content 
  • Engagement strategies to build your account and get more followers
  • How hashtags can help you grow
  • The importance of Instagram stories 
  • How to step up your profile 
  • Time-saving tips for creating content

 By The End of the Instagram Bootcamp, You’ll Be Able To…

  • Confidently use Instagram’s core features
  • Refresh your profile to make it inviting and “Follow” worthy
  • Get strategic and intentional about the way you show up on Instagram
  • Plan and create content in less time & with less stress
  • Engage with your audience using photos, videos, Reels and stories
  • Create content that’s engaging and drives sales
  • Level up your Instagram presence with confidence 
  • Start having fun on social while seeing real results