Vendor Feature: Small Threads

When my little was born I realized quickly that every time you blink they’ve grown out of everything. I started to thrift as a way to save money, because let’s be real.. brand new clothes every few months IN THIS ECONOMY?! I love finding quality pieces at a fraction of the price, even if it means hours of hunting through thrift racks. 

Make sure the business is working for you/your lifestyle!

Alicia, Small Threads

Small Threads started as a reason to bring home more great finds, mostly a little passion project. Since officially launching in January of this year we’ve created a buyout program so parents can make money off their little’s gently used clothing (without the hassle of “is this available?” on Marketplace).

We’ve also partnered with local youth centers to donate all unused/unsold items to be FREE to our local youth, keeping them in the community without large for-profit chains requiring them to be purchased.

My biggest piece of advice for small business owners would be to set boundaries.. Countless times I’ve seen fellow small business friends bending over backwards + burning themselves out trying to do it all, all at once (I’m guilty of this myself). Select your working hours, when you’ll reply to messages, plan out your posts in advance + most of all make sure the business is working for you/your lifestyle!

Small Threads is located in Foxboro, Ontario. Find them on Instagram @SmallThreads.Preloved