Vendor Feature: Inspired Sense

Celebrating a colorful Life!

Inspired Sense became a reality in July of 2017. In 2015, after going in for a routine kidney stone removal, I woke up to learn they found a tumor behind it. Over that year I had two more kidney surgeries.

My nails peeled and became weak while trying everything on the market and nothing worked. I started online courses to be able to create something I could use for my own nails to help heal and strengthen them. 

Hearing the word cancer was my motivation but my friends and family are my greatest support !

Creating “The Healthy Nail Kit” helped my nails heal and grow healthy again. I then sent it out for testing with clients for six months, seeing great results with the ones who used it regularly! Adding other products for specific needs came next, like our “B&P Soothing Salve” for biters and pickers! Inspired Sense polish was the final addition and got its start after trying to find a better alternative that I felt comfortable wearing.

The world of colour is SO exciting! I love to try everything. You don’t have to wear just one colour, it’s whatever your heart desires!

Trish Pilon, Owner of Inspired Sense

More and more people kept asking, “where did you get that polish?” I would say I made it. 

Soon I had people requesting certain colours or asking could I match a colour to an outfit.

A very talented nail artist used I.S. Polish for a set of nails for Miss Fiercalicious on season 3 of Canada’s Drag Race and our polish “Totally Cosmic” was used when she walked the final runway! I was totally screamed after seeing it on TV!

Our Polish is mixed with a 10 Free suspension base, meaning that the harsh chemicals are not included! It is also vegan and certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny!

What’s in the future for Inspired Sense? The next exciting stage is opening the studio to the public two days a week.  Continuing to learn and grow, seeing our Sunday Artisan Pop-Up market at Lakeshore Farms Market grow, but mainly supporting other women in business, being kind and helpful to everyone.

The world of color is SO exciting! I love to try everything. You don’t have to wear just one color, it’s whatever your heart desires! Did you know that your hands are the second most visible feature? So cool!

My advice? Never give up, never surrender (Galaxy Quest, 1999)! Go with your heart, dream big.

Find Inspires Sense on Etsy and on Instagram @InspiredSense