closeup photo of person wearing white and red maple leaf printed lace up sneakers

Peruuuuse through these Bay Of Quinte artisans for some Canada Day INSPO!

Wear it, eat it, enjoy it. Happy Canada Day!

DELO & CO- Canada Day stud pack

Find Delo & Co online and Instagram @ DeloandCo

FABLE & CO. APPAREL- County design/baseball style shirt

Find Fable & Co Apparel on Instagram and Facebook @Fableco_Apparel

ROXELLAS CREATIONS- Canada Day pet accessories

Find Roxellas Creations on Instagram and Facebook!

LAKE CLUB CO- Canadian province pennants

Find Lake Club Co on Instagram @Lake_club_co

WOOD & WOOLER- Canada Day stud pack

Find Wood & Wooler on Instagram and Facebook @WoodandWooler!

SCRUNCHIE&GO- Canada Day hair accessories

Find Scrunchie & Go on Instagram and Facebook @Scrunchie.go_!

THE RADIANT RAINBOW- Canada Day accessories for the littles

Find The Radiant Rainbow on Instagram and Facebook @Theradiantrainbow!

JOCIE & CREW- Canada Day stud pack

Find Jocie & Crew on Instagram and Facebook @Jocie&Crew!

CHEEKYCHEESE CHARCUTERIE- Locally sourced and customizable charcuterie

Find Cheeky Cheese Charcuterie on Instagram @CheekyCheese_Charcuterie!

MEYERS CREEK BREWERY- Locally brewed in the heart of Belleville, ON

Find Meyers Creek Brewery on Instagram and Facebook @Meyerscreekbrewing!

We hope this gave you some inspiration to shop locally for all your Canada Day digs. This part of the country is BRIMMING with talent! Check it out!