Vendor Feature: Cling Capsule

That’s when the idea to reinvent the typical earring back to have a hook came to me. What kind of looks could I make if I could attach my own rings and charms to my earring back? ~Robyn, Cling Capsule When did you start your business and what made you begin? The idea for my…

Vendor Feature: Just B Boutique

Location: Bay of Quinte, Ontario When did you start your business and what made you begin? I started the initial business concept and product testing in September 2022, and launched our products for sale in November 2022. My husband really encouraged me to start the business. My husband and a lot of our family members…

Vendor Feature: Artist Angela Jane Lavender

When did you begin your business and what made you start your venture? Even though I have always been an artist on the side, I began pursuing an art career full-time during the pandemic after levelling up my skill set through a virtual art course. I realized then that I didn’t want to make art…

Rate of Progress

Let’s talk about the rate of progress.  We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be Oprah by our second sale and social media does not help this!  We know we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to others but IT’S SO HARD. We see other businesses taking off and we wonder why we aren’t…

5 Steps to Prepare for Market Season

Getting started can feel overwhelming but we’ve put together a checklist to help you prepare for market season 2022. Buy a tent or make any adjustments to the tent you have. Booth tents can be expensive but if you purchase them during the off season (winter months) they are usually a bit cheaper. Find one…

Our 7 Tips For Staying Motivated During the Off-Season

As a maker staying motivated during the off season can be a real challenge. Just counting down the days until you can get outside and set up that tent to sell your wares. Here’s our list of ways to stay jazzed during the cold winter months. Planning Planning Planning – Envision yourself – it’s May…

The Power of the Dabble

To dabble: “To undertake something superficially or without serious intent” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. You have an idea. But you don’t quite have direction yet.  Let’s talk about the power of the dabble. Our inspiration train can slow down if we don’t have a concrete idea of what the…

Live + Local Music

Music is in the air! Check out these local musicians and where they are playing live. Make sure to give them a big round of applause!

Where to Find Us

Stay tuned by following us on Instagram and Facebook! You can also stay up to date on where we will be next by signing up for our newsletter! UPCOMING: Side Hustle Market will be hosting its Christmas Market on SAT NOV 12TH at Venue 1906. We are jazzed to be back at this stunning venue…

Become a Vendor

Become a vendor with Side Hustle Market to display your handmade goods and be a part of a community of makers and shakers. Once dates are available for sign up, the application link is available here and on our social media pages! SIGN UP for our newsletter to stay up to date on 2022 events!…

Setting up your booth

We are consistently inspired by the many different ways vendors set up their booth 👌 It’s amazing what can be done with a little Pinterest-ing and a Home Hardware visit 😎 Handmade cork and magnetic display boards, crate shelves, wooden display slabs, eye catching poster boards, etc etc! We’ve even seen plants, carpets, and sweet…


These vendors might not be lumberjacks, but they know their way around some woodworking with these beautiful wooden creations.


Finds for your furry friends! Accessories, treats and more to keep your pampered pets purrfectly happy.

Vintage + Thrift

Items that are even more enjoyable the second time around! Take a break from fast fashion at these vendors who are bringing back vintage + thrift just for you.

Food + Drink

Shopping works up an appetite, so make sure you grab some food + drink goodness from these vendors to keep spirits high.

Kids + Babies

A category so you cute, you just want to squeeze their wittle cheeks. Babies, kids, toddlers, tyrants – these vendors have got you covered.

Paper Goods

Stationary lovers – this category is for you! Pretty paper, perfect pens and cutesy cards are the speciality of these vendors.

Eco Friendly

Love these products and love the planet! Our eco friendly vendors are conscious of their environmental footprint – and yours too!


Scrunchies, headbands, purses and more – grab some accessories for everyone and anyone in your life from these vendors.


Paint, pictures and patterns – artwork in all forms made by vendors for your walls and shelves. Support locally made and thoughtfully created.


Forget diamonds, handmade jewelry is our BFF. From clay creations to metal marvels, your outfit just went from wow to WOW with these accessories.


Homemade, sustainably sourced and cute as heck is the name of the game for our apparel vendors. For all genders and ages, our vendors are ready to style you.

Bath + Body

Relax and unwind in your own oasis with these vendors’ wellness, bath + body products. It’s like bringing the spa atmosphere into your own bathroom.

Home + Lifestyle

Home is where the heart is, especially for these vendors who aim to fill your home + lifestyle with functional – and fabulous – decor items.